Vision and Mission

Vision / Motto -

     Woman is the primary source of creation in this universe.She has been honored in Indian scriptures as Adimaya and Adishakti, Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati, Durgadevi and other Shakti devis are incarnation of women power. Creativity and Sustenance have been the activities of women power, which are focused in our college Motto. and also is the Motto of our University.

Mission -

     Smt. Champaben Balchand Mahila Mahavidyalaya,Sangli has an unshaken faith in the abilities and will to work among women. The mission of the college is 'to persuade and enable them to think and make them feel responsible'. The college strongly believes that women should also understand their social responsibilities while caring for their families.

Goals and Objectives of the Institute -

  • 1. To help the students realize and understand their abilities and responsibilities
  • 2. To have an unshaken faith in the humanity and to widen the horizons which would open the fresh avenues.
  • 3. To realize the value of the Higher Education.
  • 4. To provide opportunities to understand oriental and occidental culture and also understand the responsibilities of     men and women, thereby, cater to the requirement of the society towards buildings of a strong Nation.
  • 5. To enable the girls to understand other languages while going through with the regional language and realize the    place of English language in the advanced nations.
  • 6. To motivate the students to have self-respect and learn to respect other human beings.
  • 7. To perceive that the people, dwelling in this country belonging to different castes, creeds, and religious faiths are     of different threads woven into one cloth of national fabric.
  • 8. To understand the importance of the electronic age and keep pace with it.
  • 9. To get to know the different areas of knowledge and courses which would enable the women to be self- reliant.