Padmashree Vitthaldas Hakamchand Shah Library :

Historical Background :

        Smt.C.B.Shah Mahila Mahavidyalaya was established in the year 1970 and in the same year the college library was started in the old building situated at the building of Shri. Gujarati Seva Samaj, Wakharbhag. The library was named as ' Padmashree Vittaldas Hakamchand Shah Library' . The Vittaldas Hakamchand Charitable Trust donated a sum of Rs.Rs. 1,10,000/- to establish ,develop and extend library services and activities for the students and teachers of the college. The details of the amount donated for library development is as below:

06/02/1985 VITTALDAS HAKAMCHAND 50,000/-
TOTAL 1,10,000/-

        Smt. Lalita P. Lokur was appointed as the first librarian of the college library who put her efforts to develop the library from 1971- 1995.Since 1996-1998 , the library was being efficiently managed by library assistant Smt.D.D.Vaidya, Shri.Dhananjay B. Sutar was the College Librarian from 1999- 2012 and since then, he brought about various changes in the library services, activities and functions for developing readers community in the college and society. In 2014, Shri, R.D.Yadav was appointed as the College Librarian.

        On 16th January 2002,a new separate library building was inaugurated in the glorious presence of Chief Guest, the then, Vice -Chancellor of S.N.D.T.Women's University , Mumbai. The Principal and Permanent trustee Dr. Dr. Hemlataben Kothari took special efforts for the new library building

Library Staff :

Name Qualification Post
Shri R.D.Yadav M.Com, M.L.I.Sc., NET,SET Librarian
Shri. A. J. Gaikwad S.S.C Library Attendant
Smt. H. H. Jajal IXth Library Attendant

Library Sections :

1. Circulation Section :

The circulation section is responsible for issue -receipt of books. The time-table for circulation of books is as below.

XI -Arts XI-Com XII-Arts XII-Com B.A.-III B.Com-III 

U. G Students get one book for 1 week durations. P. G. Students get two books for 1 week durations. Reference books are circulated on I-Card within library campus for reading &reference.

2. Periodicals Section :

There are 43 periodicals available in our Library. The Periodicals are got bound at the end of the year and are made available to the readers in the library.

3. Newspapers :

The library acquires 11 newspapers in 4 different languages consisting of Marathi, Hindi, English and Gujarati. The newspapers available are Daily Pudhari, Sakal, Kesari, Lokmat , Loksatta, Maharashtra Times, Indian Express, The Sunday Times, Tarun Bharat, Agradoot and Gujarat Samachar . These are made available daily to all readers.

4. Reference Section :

The Reference collection of the library is very qualitative and reference service is provided through unique collection of the reference sources which include various Encyclopedias , Dictionaries, Year Books/ Almanacs ,Biographies, Directories, Gazzetteers and other reference material in CD Formats. Important among them are Marathi Vishwakosh, Bhartiya Sanskritikosh, Encyclopedia Britannica (In both Print and CD Format), Encyclopedia Americana, Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, Maharashtriya Gyankosh, Bhartiya Charitrakosh, Encyclopedia of Indian Biography, Bhartiya Samajvigyan Kosh, India: A Reference Annual, Classic Work on English Literature, Encyclopedic Dictionary of commerce, Encyclopedia of child and Nutrition, Religion books on Ramayan(3-vol), Mahabharata(8-vol), Jatak Katha(7-vol), Bhagwat Gita(6-vol) etc.

5. Stack Section :

In the stack Section, the books are arranged according to Dewey Decimal Classification system.The collection of library is qualitative and these are made available to all readers regularly. The total collection of books is 32507 as on 31st March 2012 and the cost of books is Rs. 23,00,034.54.It 's bifurcation is given below.

Source of Fund Senior College Junior College
  No.of Books Amount No. of books Amount
U.G.C. 6230 938462.80 - -
College 16558 1173762.67 - -
Total 22788 2112225.47 - -
Junior College - - 2500 56319.72
J.C.B.B. - - 1410 69886.20
M.C.V.C. - - 809 61603.15
Total - - 4719 187809.07

Total No. of Books 22788 + 4719 = 32,507
Total Cost Rs. 23,00,034.54

6. Apprenticeship Facilities :

Since 2001-02, the apprenticeship training facility in the library was started and up to now, 9 students have been given library training. The beneficiaries are as below:

Name of the Student Year of the Training
Jayashri Kadam 2001-2002
Shilpa Kulkarni 2002-2003
Prachi Lalit 2003-2004
Savita Shinde 2004-2005
Mangal Gugwade 2005-2006
Shital Ghatge 2006-2007
Priyanka Sawant 2007-2008
Rupali Jadhav 2008-2009
 Vaishali Patil 2009-2010
Shital Kumbhar 2010-2011
Sarika S. Chinchkar 2011-2012

7. Library Automation :

The Library has installed Deeksha Systems Pvt.Ltd.,Pune , Library Software and the process of library automation is in process.Almost 14000 books data entry is over.The library plans to complete the project at the earliest.

8. NET/SET Guidance :

The first batch of 'NET/SET Guidance Classes' was started from 20-11-2011 to 01-04-2012 and in this first batch Mrs.Sonali Rangole from Satara passed SET Exam. and Mahesh Gaikwad from Vita passed NET exam. In the subject of Library and Information Science under the guidance of Mr.D.B.Sutar Sir.